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Geocaching – The Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Just imagine – strolling through the great outdoors, among the trees, leaves, and rivers, searching for a small treasure left by someone you have never met?

That’s called geocaching.

OK, a little more detail. To go geocaching, you need just a few items:

  • A geocaching account. This gives you access to the coordinates of the general route for your scavenger hunt, as well as access to online clues for each treasure (the “cache”).
  • Some sort of GPS system, such as a mobile device, for entering the coordinates.
  • A sense of adventure!

Caches – which are small, inexpensive trinkets – tend to be hidden, but not buried – so you don’t need to dig! Also, they are usually located in small, waterproof containers, and typically there is a logbook where you can record your discovery for others to read. Take the cache, but make sure you leave one of your own caches behind for the next person.  

You can find a number of caches along the Lang Hastings trail, and throughout the Kawarthas. 

Anyone can participate in geocaching, either by searching for the caches or by setting them up. But whatever you do, please be respectful of both property and nature. Get outside, and enjoy!