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Volunteering with the Peterborough-Hastings Trans Canada Trail Association

Volunteers provide much needed expertise and time to support trail maintenance and board management.  There are many opportunities to get involved on your own, for a day, with a specific project, or special event.  A little help goes a long way.

Maintaining the Lang Hastings Trail requires a range of volunteer activities with many that are not related to on-trail management. If you or someone you know is interested and can help with social media, Board membership, fundraising, event promotion/coordination, marketing & communication, sponsorship/partnerships or legal services, please email

New for 2023 – Can You Help Us?

We are initiating the development of a Trail Monitoring Network along the trail. We are looking to provide opportunities to interested trail enthusiasts that match their interests and skills in a safe and enjoyable way.

Throughout the 2023 season we will be recruiting volunteers who are interested in providing a trail monitoring or stewardship role. Our goal is to have the trail monitored by volunteers end-to end across our portion of the Trans Canada Trail that runs from Technology Drive/Keene Road to the Village of Hastings.

If you are interested in becoming a Trail Monitor or Trail Steward by volunteering your time (and energy!) read on…

What Would You Be Expected To Do?

Trail Monitor Responsibilities:

  • Once per week travel your portion of the trail and look for any issues related to trail safety or other concerns.
  • Record any relevant issues and observations by taking notes and photos (nature of issue, date, time, location, distance from township roads, etc.).
  • Report your findings.
  • No requirement to take any action or engage with other trail users.
  • Track your volunteer hours throughout the year/season.

Trail Steward Responsibilities:

  • Perform routine maintenance needs (e.g. trail trimming, pruning, light brush removal). Can be self-directed.
  • Trash/litter removal along trail and from garbage receptacles (more frequently).
  • Take other remedial action (replace signs, move fallen trees, etc.).
  • Assist with other volunteer activities (gate painting, trail mowing operations, etc.)
  • Track your volunteer hours throughout the year/season.